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UK gym market and health clubs Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

UK gym market and health clubs - Dissertation Example The current trend in this particular industry focuses on adding boiled food or packed nutritious product in one’s diet. Along with this, there is a clear relation between identified customer segments and their individual propensity to purchase additional products, such as supplements. High-income group members prefer to buy most healthy and expensive products, on the contrary, members of 40 plus age group focus on products which can make their bones strong. Youth that is health conscious concentrates on muscle building products and food supplements. In many of the previous researchers, customer segmentation is discussed with utmost importance but the majority of the researchers neglected to discuss food supplements.On the basis of the above discussion, it can be said that health is increasingly gaining importance in people’s perception. Moreover, it is good and toned body which is attracting people to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. Here, health becomes the seco nd concern and slim and attractive body is a major priority for most of the gym-goers. Also, youth is blindly following this trend and even use some prohibited drugs for muscles building. However, gym and health club industry are increasing health awareness among the people and educating them about health issues. Thus the trend of going to the gym is proving healthy for the entire country as obesity has become a point of concern for the government. In addition to this, people themselves are becoming health conscious.... The changing trends of the market are focusing on improving the health of the nation by making them active. In addition to this the current trend is focusing on improving children’s fitness because child obesity is increasing at alarming rate (Barnett 2011). According to Beale (2011) maintain fitness of the children can prove a very crucial part in health industry as they can learn to maintain good health from very young age. Along with this, they can contribute their part in improving nation’s health. Also, making children healthy makes a complete generation healthy. Current trends in health clubs in London with regard to services offered include triathlon participation, innovation in exercise classes, and dynamic use of exercise equipments, injury and sports medicine facilities. Triathlon based activities include cycling, running and swimming which are now offered in the health clubs. Thus, sports activities are also a new trend in London’s health clubs (BBC Ne ws 2006). According to Llyod (2011) the most important service provided in the gyms and health clubs is exercise. Hence constant innovation in these exercises is required. It includes celebrity endorsed exercise classes and Adidas zone cycling which is a fun and energising workout. In order to promptly uses the exercise equipment, health clubs and gyms are nowadays are dynamically using them. For example, tennis-specific programmes, power plate and bikini workout. Another service trend of health clubs are services of sports medicine professionals and injury specialists. With the help of thee professionals, gym goers can improve their running techniques and recover their injuries. Along with this, they get nutritional advice which aid

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