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Iroquois theatre fire, chicago, IL, december 30, 1903 Research Paper

Iroquois theatre fire, chicago, IL, december 30, 1903 - Research Paper Example It is one of the tragic incidents which have occurred, where it is not possible to accurately tell the number of the casualties, more than a hundred years later. Although it is in record that 605 people perished during this incident, the number is not accurate, since it depended on the number of bodies that were reported, collectable and mere estimation. However, it is feared that more people may have died during this incident, because the fire could have burnt down other people to ashes (Brandt, 5). The number given is only dependent on the deaths that were reported, while there were many other bodies that were removed from the scene, which were never reported. Therefore, the magnitude of this incident raised alarm over the need to step up the safety measures against fire, for both theatres and other public buildings. There are various reasons as to why the theatre was a popular holiday venue, mostly flocked to capacity in the event of any performance. The location of the theatre was strategic, meant to attract mostly women who were on day trips out of town (Brandt, 12). Secondly, the theatre was constructed in a safe zone, near a shopping district that was patrolled by police at all times. This made the theatre attractive to the people, since they were assured of their safety. Although the theater turned out to be a popular holiday destination in Chicago, it opened later than was scheduled; following some labor unrests and the failure to have its architect complete the drawing in good time (Campbell, 193). Nevertheless, its architectural standard was high, compared to any other theatre in the US at the time, which immediately made it attract large crowds during performances. In its architectural design, the theatre comprised of three different levels where the audiences could watch from, which w ere separated by broad stairways. The two upper audience levels, the dress circle and the gallery were separated from the main floor

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