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Training and development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Training and development - Essay Example Their area ranges from workplace promotion safety to succession planning. In the light of fast changing trends in the event industry, it would be really difficult for an event management organisation to remain competitive unless its employees are competent enough to deliver an exciting attendance experience to the participants. Evidences suggest that employee satisfaction can be met and employee performance may be improved in the event sector paying specific attention to HR activities. This paper will analyse the HRM approaches and policies of the Wizcraft International Entertainment giving particular focus given to the firm’s training and development practices. Event management can be simply referred to a management process that involves planning, creation, and direction of all kinds of events. â€Å"Event Management is the application of project management skills to the creation and development of events like conferences, symposiums, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and functions† (MIT International School of Broadcasting and Journalism). Today event management is essential in most of the areas of life such as entertainment, business, finance, fashion, sport, and music. Event planning is an integral part of event management, and it includes budgeting, fixing dates, booking event site, acquiring legal licenses and permits, managing transportation, developing a theme for the event, arranging facilities like chairs and speakers, and co-ordinating event support, decor, catering, security, emergency tams, and cleanup. Today the event management industry deals with events of all sizes ranging from even a breakfast meeting to Olympics. Nowadays the corporate sector gives emphasis to the concept of event management, because it is widely considered as a strategic management and communication tool (Anih, 2012). Hence corporations create promotional events, from product launches to press conferences, to

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