Thursday, September 12, 2019

Minimum Wage Laws Are Necessary To Protect The Future Of Our Labor Essay

Minimum Wage Laws Are Necessary To Protect The Future Of Our Labor Force By Providing A Livable Wage For Each Worker And Protecting Workers Fro Being Exploited By Their Employers - Essay Example Minimum wage laws are created to protect workers from being exploited, a lower minimum wage would mean those who make a little more than the minimum wage even if the wage is not enough for the worker to support themselves or their family it would mean that the worker is not eligible for any help or support from the government, it also means that those who are little above the minimum wage will have to pay normal tax rates further encumbering them while making them struggle to make ends meet (Wikipedia source,n.a) . In a recent film unveiled by Michael Moore in Cannes is his ‘Sicko’, which displayed many of the problems faced by those who are just a little bit above the minimum wage, the film depicts real people who are living on most of their paycheck but when they get sick or hurt hospitals would charge them a high sum of money because they cannot afford medical insurance. Because of this whenever any of the workers got sick they will heavily be in debt and most of the time they are unable to repay their medical debts thus furthering them into a vicious cycle until they are declared bankrupt and become homeless (Moore, 2007). From the statement above, it is clear that it should be proposed that the minimum wage rate should be increased to a level where at least those who are a bit above of the minimum wage are able to pay their taxes as well as be able to afford other things that improve a person’s quality of life, to be able to afford their medical fees, their children’s school fees, to be given paid vacations and last but not least, be able to have enough to save their money for a rainy day.

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