Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Toll Company Annual Report Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Toll Company Annual Report - Case Study Example This is the group work component of the assignment. After inter-group discussion, each member of the group will complete a peer review on the group members which will be submitted to the tutor in the tutorial class. The group work component of the assessment is worth 10%. Part 4 of the case study must be completed as an individual assessment. This part of the assignment is worth 15%. Please see Part 4 for requirements and instructions for submission. Document 1: Each student will download from the Morningstar DatAnalysis Database, the company’s 2013 annual report (hard copy not necessary) and financial data in a excel spreadsheet for the past 10 years. It will be sufficient to use an electronic copy to use as the reference material for answering the case study questions. Morningstar DatAnalysis Database – (available via libguides or alternatively the JCU library databases): to obtain the necessary company annual reports and financial data in an excel spreadsheet for the past 10 years. Note, students will only require the financial data for the past 4 years to perform the financial statement analysis. Simply hide the column information that is not required. This information will be used for generating financial statement analysis (parts 3 and 4) of the assignment. Students may also find it useful to refer to the financial data when making comparisons in part 2. Groups will consist of students that have been assigned the same company for the case study assignment in each tutorial class. It is recommended that students answer the questions assigned for each class in advance, so they areable to participate in inter-group discussions during the tutorial class.If the weekly questions are done in arrears marks may be lost because of failure to participate in group discussions during the tutorial classes. What are the page references for the

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