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Service management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

serve up perplexity - Essay ExampleThe three organizations are then evaluated to dodge specific activities that are examples of excellent service management.Service refers to the interactions that occur between customers and service providers. These service providers are usu every(prenominal)y employees of organizations that provide services as their main focus of business (Patti, 2008). Services are usually different from products in several aspects. This makes their management different compared to product selling management. One aspect that makes the management of services different is that they are produced and consumed simultaneously, in the presence of customers. The presence of consumers of services during their production requires perfection since unlike products there is no time for testing their effectiveness. Service encounters refer to the points of interaction when service providers are delivering services to the customers. The effectiveness of service delivery in sa tisfying customers results from excellent service management. Excellent service refers to the activities that lean to customers having the best populates beyond their expectation. Successful management of these activities to ensure their continuity is referred to as excellent service management. This report will examine these activities in three organizations (John Lewis, Jocobite experience Loch Ness and Citizen M Hotel) and evaluate how they qualify to be excellent service management.For a service encounter to be termed excellent, it must be viewed as a package and not as fragmented components (Smith, 2004). Viewing as a package will enable the service providers to take a holistic approach, ensuring that all aspects of service delivery that makes a good customer experience are enhanced. All the components of a service package must be uniform in the image they portray to the customers. Customers always derive experience from the

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