Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Nutrition Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nutrition Questions - Essay Exampleure of the nutrient breakdown often results in a lack of energy, excessive sleepiness, or similar problems that would otherwise act to counter weight loss gains. As a result of these limitations wholenesss overall perception of fad diets and drugs is highly suspicious.Adolescence has been defined as a developmental stage distinguishing childhood from adulthood. While the age of 18 is the effective definition of adulthood, the actual developmental transition is determined by psychological and physiological factors. One of the predominant developmental stages associated with adolescence is puberty. As adolescence is a pivotal developmental stage there are a number of nutrition- relate problems associated with it. One of the most prominent nutrition-related problems of adolescence is that of malnutrition, occurrencely its effect on weight gain. While the high numbers pool of adolescents that are overweight is in great part due to a lack of exercis e, a nearly equal problem is overeating, or eating the misuse foods. Another issue is that of under nutrition. Particularly in the cases of anorexia, adolescents are particularly apt to these as they face the challenges of the teenage years. As this is a critical egression period proper nutrition is important as it has been shown to affect health in later life. Specific health problems from poor adolescent nutrition complicate osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes. Other potential problems related to nutrition include stomach and kidney pains brought on by bulimia that, like anorexia, is another frequent perturbation related to the adolescent development stage. In addition to these noted nutrition-related problems adolescents in this development stage are susceptible to many of the same nutrition related problems of regular adults over consumption of daily vitamins can cause a series of health related problems. Ultimately, because of these issues its highly important for ado lescents to pay particular attention to their nutrition and

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