Monday, June 17, 2019

Social Media Impact on the Nonprofit Organizations Essay

Social Media Impact on the Nonprofit Organizations - Essay ExampleThese statistics clearly provoke that modern businesses and intelligent marketers can spend less in social media to reach many. In fact, many smart marketers have abandoned merchandising activities on conventional mediums like T.V and Radios in order to make sure that whatever they spend is efficient with respect to the cost and number of people that the medium reaches. This holds accepted not only for the profit making businesses but also for the charitable organizations. In fact, charitable organizations have a greater responsibility of using their currency efficiently so that the welfare in the society is maximized (MC Marketing Charts, 2010). Many businesses and non-profit organizations can take advantage of this tremendous growth in industry. They can wasting disease this media as a cheaper and better option to advertise their mission and to absorb more donors for their ca economic consumption. This will invol ve creative thinking and a lot of case but once, these organizations understand the true potential of how Social Media can be used to their advantage.It is also believed that with the passage of time, as the industry matures, these sites are going to attract more and more traffic. This large turnover will encourage companies to advertise more on these websites. As a result, these websites will experience an even large growth in their revenues. As a result, many big brands consider advertising on these sites as a better way to grab the help of target market towards their products (Nielsen, 2009). This industry, in the recent times, moved from niches to become one of the most coveted sectors. This growth has also caused creative destruction for the other mediums of marketing like radios and televisions. The targeted market for the Non-Profit Organizations is mainly donors or affluent people who can help the organization in the achievement of their aims and can guide the firm toward s success. unitary person who believed that social media and social networking websites can serve successfully as a medium of exchange for marketers was Joseph Walther. In this Social Information Processing theory he stated that using computer-meditated-communication two parties can develop a relationship which is as close and strong as developed through opposite communication. This is because the sender has opportunity to select his target market or the person he wants to send his message to. Once the message is sent, the receiver can dilate the message and use the same channel to give feedback which enhances the communication process and draws favorable impression on the both parties. He believed that social media can efficaciously be used to create hyper personal relationships. In other words, social media fosters the relationship of trust and harmony between the sender and receiver of the message and therefrom it can be used by the non-profit and charitable organizations to first create trust and favorable impression and then use the advertising in such as way as to encourage these people to donate. This is not possible in conventional mediums of advertising and marketing. The communication approach used in these mediums is rigorously one way communication and thus it cannot build the same level of trust and harmony among the parties initiating the communication process as it is been built through the use social media by non-profit organizations. SIP theory believed that Social Media or

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