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Steven Jobs Essays -- APPLE PIXAR NEXT

CEO Steven Jobs (APPLE, PIXAR, NEXT)Steven Jobs is not your run of the mill CEO. This statement sounds clich and it should because all CEO in some way is different. Steven Jobs with considerable confidence can be called one of the most ingenious, unconventional CEOs in the world. First off, it is important to carriage at his upbringing because it proves his approach to art objectagement is pure temper. Jobs runs his company with an innovative edge that is far from collaborative. Steve Jobs management techniques are a direct reflection of his upbringing. As a child, Jobs pursued his tasks and goals with a passion and aggression for success. Steven Paul Jobs was an orphan adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California in February 1955. So sort of of attending either Berkeley or Stanford, he decided on the very liberal Reed University in Oregon. This is where Jobs was introduced to philosophies and ideas that would shape how he would treat the business world. At this t ime school was not important and he withdrew after the first semester of college. When he returned home, he was thin and disheveled. He embraced a new goal of locomotion to India in pursuit of what a friend termed the electric atmosphere of love.Jobs work with Apple is where he exploits the best examples of his good and bad management styles. When Jobs started with Apple he had no specific function. He kept himself busy initially by successfully supervising the designs for the company logo and for the hard plastic shell that close in the Apple II. The fact is Jobs was talented at most everything or at least seeming like he was. If you have a hardware man there, Steve cant talk hardware. If you have a software man, Steve cant talk software. He can help design computer cases (qtd. in Butcher 103). Jobs was not satisfied with this division and Markkula, who maneuvered himself into a position of great power at Apple.? (Butcher 90-105).Jobs was smart in that he positioned himself for s uccess. He knew how to be at the properly place at the right time. The downside to this was he always wanted more. The He had a hard time putting his vision down in a practical manner. He see a computer with an elegant exterior but the problem with his vision was that the way he had to have it would make production nearly impossible. ?These unreal expectations resulted in miscommunica... ...ion he wants those steps will not be questioned.There are two different ways the think about Steven Jobs. The first is the way his personality led to the failure of his management style. The other and the more important way is his forth knowledge of the market. Job?s was not successful in atomic number 82 Apple managerially. He placed his selfishness ambitions first before the most important part of his company the employee?s. He was also unable to delegate authority to those get around qualified than he because he wanted as much recognition as he could get. As bad of a manager he clevernes s be the success of Apple speaks louder than his failures. Apple is non-existent without his belligerent passion a motivation for success. The moment speaks for itself. In future years Jobs personality could be extremely destructive throughout his companies but for the moment his ability to produce cash far succeeds his downfalls as a manager.Works CitedBrayan, Chaffin, and Vern Seward. The smart York Times looks at Steven Jobs. The New York Times 10 May 2004. 08 Feb. 2004Butcher, Lee. Accidental Millionaire. New York Paragon, 1988.Steven Jobs A Manager? Vers. 1. 06 May 1992. 08 Feb. 2005

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