Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Brave New World: Helplessness Essay -- Brave New World

Brave New World  Helplessness      How can one give away happiness from unhappiness if unhappiness is never experienced? Its the bad that makes the good look good, but if you dont know the good from the bad, youll settle for what youre given. Can people try out their beliefs without a basis or underlying rubric to follow? Such rudimentary guidelines are established through the maturation process and continue to quaver as one grows wiser with a vaster array of experiences. Aldous Huxley creates a utopia filled with happiness, but this is merely a facade to a creative activity which is incomplete and quite abandon since the essential experiences are replaced with conditioning. Perhaps this fantasy world was distinctly composed to be a harbinger of our future. An analysis of an exclusive utopia designed to heed the extradite world from becoming desensitized to freedom and individualism and to warn against the danger of an overly progressive scientific and technological society. Huxley commences his story at the source of such world control -- the hatchery. Governed by mottoes of Community, Identity, and Stability, the brave new world he creates is conditioned from the start. The test tube babies undergo precise tests, dietary supplements, and encouragement to produce the defined castes of individuals. The central action arises when Bernard Marx, an alpha plus psychologist, becomes continually irritated at the boredom and incompleteness of this highly regulated life. Through his independent thinking he becomes frustrated and feels alone. Such feelings Marx shares with his close friend Helmholtz Watson, who was advantageously decanted in his test tubular stages and therefore has an ... ...domination. the Bokanovsky Process, in which one egg is budded into hundreds and thousands making a stately number of twins and then the decanting process, the actual birth form the test tube, and finally, the social conditioning processes in wh ich people are formed by essence of shocks, sirens, and other unpleasant devices to certain stimuli so that they will always evoke certain intrinsic feelings toward those stimuli. The idea of such a precision-made society to accomplish take to the woods and live in happiness and virtue leaves no room for imperfection. Such imperfections as Marx, Watson, and the savage however are no threat to the society as apparent in the novel since they are swallowed by the system-- if nobody listens to their ideas, talking does no good. Such automatic suppression of the rebels leaves the reader with a frigid feeling of helplessness.  

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