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Parliament house of victoria bc canada Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Parliament house of victoria bc canada - Essay Example It is situated off the coast of Canada’s Pacific (Olson, 20). The population of Victoria City is about 325000 and takes up only a small corner of the island. The size of the city is almost one-fifth of England. Many parts of the city is filled with so much wilderness that there are no roads and the only option to travel in these parts is by boat or by foot (Olson, 207). The settlement of Victoria City was established in the year 1805 by Martin De Leon. The area was located between the lower Guadalupe River and the Lavaca River and was surrounded by Jackson, Calhoun, DeWitt and Victoria counties. The government house was located on the banks of the Guadalupe River on an area of 640 acre. The first site that was selected was to construct a school in the city. Initially there were eight Catholic Anglo-American families with sufficient wealth. De Leon was supposed to bring 150 families which did not happen because of his â€Å"death and cholera epidemic of 1833†. The cityâ €™s planning was made taking ideas from cities in Europe and Mexico. The City Hall is situated in the old market square (â€Å"Early History of Victoria†). Victoria is a peaceful city and has all the privileges needed by people going on a holiday. The city is major attraction for visitors because it can be easily accessed. Victoria has beautiful gardens with flowers. Butchart Garden which is located in downtown Victoria is a major tourist attraction for its fireworks on Saturday nights. The Royal BC museum is one of the best museums in the world and is a reflection of the city and its people. Ferry rides especially in the evening during sunset is another pleasant activity for tourists (Olson, 1-4). When the city was founded, it was inhabited mostly by people from UK and Scotland. The British rule began in Victoria in the middle of the 19th century when the Strait of Juan de Fuca divided US and

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