Thursday, February 20, 2020

Is there a case to downgrade ecstasy to a class B drug in the UK Essay

Is there a case to downgrade ecstasy to a class B drug in the UK - Essay Example It is said to generate extreme heat in the body as a result of highly stimulated frenetic dancing. Each tablet is said cost between ? 10 and ? 20 and the drug has been classified in the list of â€Å"A† class illegal drugs under Misuse of Dugs Act (Arnold, 2013, p. no page no). There has been no significant study on the effects of Ecstasy in Britain. Dr Hendry of National Poisons Information Unit at Guy’s Hospital, London, the only scientist licensed to supply pure Ecstasy, is reported to have commented that the ongoing tussle between the two opposing groups concerned with legalization of drugs is actually preventing research in respect of the drug consumed by almost 500,000 people every week end as to what really is the effect of the drug in their bodies though some studies have revealed that it causes midweek depression. The DOB or the â€Å"Golden Eagle† , a potent derivative of Ecstasy 33 times its strength is reported to have caused several death in Britain during 1998 when it began to be sold. The drug which was developed in the United States is meant for use as antidepressant also called as â€Å"flatliners† claimed to cause out-of-body experience. About 36 derivatives of Ecstasy were brought under the purview of the Misuse of Drugs Act as a class A drug. Purpose of this paper is to examine whether there is a case for downgrading the drug as B class drug in view of it being a soft drug and several campaigns for downgrading. Ecstasy is a derivative of amphetamines which are stimulants. They are responsible for increasing cerebral activity and causing excitement and euphoria. In high doses, it is known to cause hallucinations and drug induced psychosis similar to paranoid schizophrenia. The fatalities caused by this drug are not usually dose-related and postmortem toxicology can only be measured qualitatively rather than on quantitative basis. The impairments caused also do not correlate with blood levels unlike in alcohol consumption. Amphetamines have been used for various conditions in the past. They were also once used to induce anorexia. It is currently used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They have euphoriant effects and are responsible for psychomotor stimulation. Users tend to increase their dose up to 50x to overcome psychological dependence caused by the drug. The sympathomimetic effects which can be pronounced and lasting for several hours are : dilated pupils, ta chycardia, hypertension, and tachypnoea. Although death due to overdose is rare, it can occur due to hyperpyrexia, fits and heart failure. Long term consumption in large doses causes psychosis accompanied by paranoid ideas and delusions of persecution. Cardiomyopathy is also found to occur due to its use. Ecstasy, a derivative of amphetamine has mild psychedelic effect and causes pseudo-hallucinogenic effect in high doses. With development of gradual tolerance, its long-term use causes mood disorders. As the drug is classified as emphathogen (or enactogen), is known as love-drug. Its chemical variants have the same effects. Ecstasy related deaths in high-profile events have attracted media attention and most of them have been associated with at least one other drug. Death occurs due to multiple causes and mechanisms including exacerbation of undiagnosed heart conditions,

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