Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Part 1 and part 2 of change and culture case study Essay

Part 1 and part 2 of change and culture case study - Essay Example The administration’s first job redesign recommendation was that of a universal worker. The universal worker would deliver many support services. Aware that this model often failed when implemented in other organizations, your administrator charged you with making redesign work this time. In this regard, this essay aims to address issues regarding the process of job design, the performance expectations, steps and structures to implement the recommended design, communication tools and incentives for job satisfaction. The type of work performed by the employee is a critical factor affecting employee productivity and job satisfaction. According to Carrell and Kuzmits (1986, 57), â€Å"job design determines what work is done and , therefore, greatly affects how an employee feels about a job, how much authority an employee has over the work, how much decision making the employee has on the job, and how many tasks the employee has to complete. Managers realize that job design determines both their working relationship with their employees and the relationships among the employees themselves.† In this regard, tasked with redesigning patient care delivery, one must begin with a determination of the organization’s mission and vision and an assessment of each employee’s job description as they specifically contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. As averred by Volunteer Canada (2001), â€Å"job design theory requires that we address the question of how to get done what we want to get done—in other words, how we achieve our mission/mandate/vision.† (9) The tasks of a universal worker involves â€Å"responsibility for performing various activities to meet the needs of residents in a skilled nursing facility: meal service including preparation, cleaning, laundry duties, transportation, and resident support services as well as participates in improving quality of care/service.† (Otsego County, 2004, 1) This

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