Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 58

Marketing - Essay Example The wide variety of foods available at the restaurant in comparison to other restaurants in the regions will ensure that the customers are able to get the dish of their choice. Despite the Hispanic making the larger population of Denver, consideration on other groups of people is necessary to ensure that the business is welcomed by all. This has been addressed by ensuring that there is diversity of the dishes. In addition, since the languages mostly used in the region are Spanish and English, the employees are to be fluent in both languages, which will facilitate effective communication. This will ensure that all customers are fully satisfied with the service offered. In addition, consideration about demographics, age, education, and marital status is taken into account, as most of the frequent customers of restaurants in the region are youths and the unmarried. Considering this, it will be very easy to attract and maintain customers to the business. The environment of carrying out a business determines the success to be achieved. Operating in an environment in which the interaction between the business and the community is poor usually poses challenge to the business in achieving its set goals and objectives (Louche & Idowu, 2010). El Palenque business is ready to implement its corporate and social responsibilities, which will ensure that the relationship between it and the community is continuously strengthened. Moreover, through implementing its corporate and social responsibility, we will be able to get a better understanding of the customer’s specific needs which when implemented, will be beneficial to both parties. Although maintaining the corporate social responsibility will be challenging at the start of the business operations, El Palenque is dedicated in continuously improving its relationship with all the stakeholders. Since the business will be new in this region, challenges in entry are to be encountered. In addition,

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