Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Principles of Cultural Capitalism and the End of Ideology Essay Example for Free

The Principles of Cultural Capitalism and the End of Ideology Essay Cultural Capitalism is capitalism that assesses the advancements not in the quantity of innovations, but in the socio-cultural benefits that the civil society acquires from it, it does not only promote the culture but it also builds on the old and new myths of culture. It plays a role in the coming of a new kind of society which is called the â€Å"post-industrial society†. In Daniel Bell’s (1962) definition of this society which is post-industrial, the focus here will be services, not manufacturing and it must be a society led by information, and because it is the case what will be centralized are industries that bases on science. New technical elites will take its rise and also a new principle of formation of classes will begin. It is also discussed that this kind of society will be of domination and the replacement of the system of the industrialized society. Also in Bell’s view the â€Å"end of ideology† is understood as a point wherein the idea of history and ideology is or will be viewed as unimportant for the reason that capitalism and western democratic politics have already dominated. But the end of ideology should not mean that utopia will also end along with it. Because ideology greatly makes things very simple that it turns out that people will not anymore feel the need to encounter their own difficulties by their own efforts, they will simply consult to the ideologies to solve the confusions for them. These principles when spread by the destructive intensity of belief, ideas will also result to be apocalyptic. And on the other hand utopia tells where one wants to be, how to reach it, and gives justification on who should be paid. It is needed by men now, because men always have need of visualizing their capabilities and a way of combining their knowledge with enthusiasm (Bell, 1962). Reference: Bell, D. (1962). The End of Ideology: On the Exhaustion of Political Ideas in the Fifties: Free Press.

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