Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Social Computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 2

Social Computing - Essay Example Directing the customers from these pages to the actual scholarly articles. This will increase the readership of the ‘Educated People Society’ website. It will help them gain various sponsors to run the website and fund actions related to environmental activities and scientific research. Checking the level of awareness created through the social media tools by conducting a questionnaire survey among them and involving in the qualifying youngsters in projects related to their interests. Creating an environmental awareness is the main objective. Be it a laptop the youngsters use or a leather jacket, they should be educated regarding the way it is created, the core technology and the various political and economical facts associated with it. This knowledge is important to make them valuable citizens in future. A youngster who changes his mobile once in year will stick to one smart phone for years if they realize how much e-waste they are creating. A person who knows how the plastic covers thrown around affects the environment will never use them again. Providing such information in an interesting format is the main objective of the social media tools used. The aim of the social media campaign is to advertise about the same by entering their territory. It is hard to make youngsters visit a science related site or lecture them about environment. But, taking the site to tools like Blogger and Twitter where they use will make them peek at it automatically. The blog and Twitter page explains about the animals and the photography site in Nat Geo. The technology blog related dwells with various subjects shown as documentaries in NatGeo, WWF and Green Peace websites. So youngsters with diverse interests will be directed towards these sites from their favourite pastime areas in the internet. The info presented will be mostly in the format of quizzes, puzzles and

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