Friday, October 18, 2019

Peter Eisenman House II Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Peter Eisenman House II - Essay Example This paper will proceed to compare the salient points of â€Å"Cardboard Architecture: House I and House II† to support or criticize the building (Appendix A) built by Sita Sanders of Catskills as a college project. Eisenman insisted on the notion of conceptual archituecture as similar to cardboard architecture for its underlying formal relationships going beyond mere shapes nor conventional signs but â€Å"a set of archetypal relationships which affect our most basic sensibilities about our environment,† (Eisenman, 25). The same can be said of Sita Sanders’ house built to look like a mound of earth or a hill, complete with grasses that grew on its roofs. It was described as â€Å"†¦one-room straw-bale †¦right next to her mother’s house,† (Green, P 3). While it has doors, walls, windows, and metal beams that represent the conceptual house, it blends well to its environment, or the architect’s desire on how to make it look like and f unction – beyond a home but a response to pressing needs to address: global warming, extreme cold during winter, improvement of the natural habitat.

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