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Writing Assignment - Model in Action Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Writing Assignment - Model in Action - Essay Example Trinity College of Management was in the process of formulating a business proposal to attract funds from a funding agency. The project was the continuation of a public welfare program.. However the College fell short on the target of the number of beneficiaries in the previous year’s implementation. Though this short fall was quantitatively less, it was limiting the chance of the college getting continued funds. The ethical decision making process involved in the scenario was the analysis of the alternatives proposed to solve the problem. Three alternates were suggested, of which the first was to have relentless efforts in order to achieve the shortfall in the number of beneficiaries by the time the proposal was submitted. Another possible option was to hype figures in the proposal than the actual achievements and the last alternative was to keep the proposal going with the actual figures. These alternates were evaluated in the ethical decision making process. Though no ethical issue was realized in the first and the third alternatives, the suggestion to hype the figures involved an ethical issue and had to be evaluated for its intensity. The hype in the number of beneficiaries was found to be miniscule in comparison with the total achievement and the total cost involved. The moral cause of the project was not affected hugely due to the shortfall and thus the hype was found not to be a major ethical concern. The individual factors for alternative evaluation include Quantitative factors and Qualitative factors. (Nair & Oommen, 1994).The proposal for the trial to achieve the shortfall failed in this evaluation process as the quantitative factor of operational cost for its implementation could not be afforded. A minor qualitative factor of the inter-organizational relationships was realized in the second option but the success of the project implementation and the resultant improvisation in the relationships with the

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