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Soda Drinks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Soda Drinks - Essay Example Soda drinks can be considered as refreshment drinks that one takes for the purpose of refreshment, acquisition of balance diet and for the purpose of easing fatigue. However, soda drinks undergoes reaction processes that can be well explained using chemical compositions and compounds. Important stage in the manufacture of carbonated drink process is the essence of high-pressure CO2 gas facilitation, which fills the cavities in the structure of liquids. This high pressure produces a hissing sound when cans as well as bottles carrying soda drinks are opened justifying the availability of carbonation processes. Carbon dioxide presence from the drink usually escapes forms a molecule called the nucleus with an aim of resisting fluids hence forming bubbles. The delicious sensation on the tongue is brought out by the existence of nucleus (Nivaldo 1 2-16). Shaking carbonated beverages accelerates the process of bubbles formation of the soft drink. However, we have got several factors that in fluences the process of carbon dioxide loss in water. This includes the surrounding temperature. When the temperature is low, the carbonation process is more effective and vice versa hence the gas is less dissolved under high temperature level (Maniatis 12-15).However, it is found that soft drinks are not compounds in nature but they are mixtures of various substances hence they do not have definite compound structure as well as definite composition structure. Substances such as carbon dioxide exhibits kinetic energy proportional to the temperature especially when in Free State just in air. Common ingredients in a soft drink include but are not partial to Water (H2O), Sucrose (C12H22O11), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbonic acid (H2CO3), phosphoric acid (H3PO4), aspartame (C14H18N2O5), and artificial flavoring, which itself would be a list of several dozen and different chemicals as well. Meanwhile, during the processing of soft drinks reactions, we encounter exothermic reaction, which p roduces energy for stimulating and speeding up of carbon dioxide reactions. The exothermic chemical composition is represented as follows; C6H12O6 + 6O2 --> 6H2O + 6CO2. This leads to a respiration chemical formula of C6 H12 O6 + 6 H20 + 6 CO2 + Energy to produce soda drinks reaction norm (Nivaldo 23-39). By lowering the kinetic energy level and through acquisition of low temperature, the carbon dioxide gets to dissolves in water at a stable state. If the temperature is raised, the carbon dioxide usually tend to fall off and that is the main reason as to why it is recommended to take carbonated beverages during cold condition or at cold state. Soda drink exhibits sour taste, which is generated by the existence of carbon dioxide giving it a pH value of around 3.2 to 3.7. Being carbonated makes the soda drinks becomes free from bacterial contamination. Carbon dioxide plays a vital role in provision of specific flavor, which functions as an antibacterial preservative adhesive with natu ral beverage dissolvent (Maniatis 21-26) The content of carbon dioxide found in soft drinks majorly depends on the type of the drink availed on the market. Those beverages characterized by the fruit flavors, they contains high level of sugar with low carbon dioxide. The gylceryl abietate also known as brominated vegetable oil majorly is found in orange soft drinks. These help keep fatty flavors suspended in the liquid (density balancers and

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