Thursday, September 12, 2019

What I have learned this year Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

What I have learned this year - Essay Example This year, this class has benefited me as I prepare for my future career.I have learned how to make presentations, which is an important skill that I will engage in during the preparation of presentations that I will be making to people. I have also learned how to create excellent essays while following every detail required while preparing great essays. In this case, I have learned the mechanics of writing essays while following the required format and style; the importance of good grammar; the choice of words in essay writing; and the importance of proofreading and editing my essays before submission. In addition, putting my ideas in an essay has taught me the importance of being assertive, which has improved my debating skills as I have gained the capacity to argue and defend my position. However, I know I can improve these skills by practicing a lot in order to be efficient when I engage in any activity. Reflective Essay Students undertake different courses in school in order to prepare themselves for future career work and their life. In this case, the classes that students undertake should help them build their skills and enhance their knowledge so that they can engage in their careers effectively. While some students fail to see the importance of some of the diminutive elements in their education, these elements are crucial in ensuring that students were well-equipped for future jobs and careers. For example, it is evident that an element such as cultural differences may appear minute while considering its face value. However, it is essential to point out that this skill is crucial during inter-cultural communication since different cultures interpret language differently. Hence, the failure to value the importance of this diminutive element may challenge communication between two parties and fail to achieve the objectives. That said, it is crucial for students to consider all key elements that enhance communication. Throughout this year, I have learned formidable skills that will help me build my career in busi ness since these skills will be crucial during communication as we are all aware that successful business involves effective communication of business proposal and ideas. First, I have learned the importance of preparing good presentations that will communicate my ideas and arguments in a manner that was clear and effective. Chivers and Schoolbred (2007, p.20) noted that good presentations should be â€Å"interesting and useful to the learning situation, but they can be enjoyable, even memorable.† In line with this, I have learned the skills of writing presentations that do not veer off the topic of discussion while avoiding regurgitation. In this case, I ensure that my presentations were clear and to the point in order to inform the reader or the listener about the content matter in the topic of discussion. In addition, I ensure that my presentations inspired the listeners and readers while they also grabbed and held their attention. However, I realise that I cannot prepare a good presentation without engaging basic skills that are required to develop the presentation. In line with this, this class has taught me the basic skills required to develop a good presentation. Beck, Bennett, and Wall (2005) identify preparation as the main essential element in developing an excellent presentation. Thus, I have learned t

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