Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Leadership term paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Leadership term paper - Essay Example So good leadership is basically related to person’s abilities, skills and degree of influence. Good leaders have the capacity to inspire and motivate others to achieve goals. Moreover, good leadership involves managing relationship and communicating within an organization towards a specific targets. Christian churches and organizations are different from other institutions in many ways. Their structures, size and services are determined by internal and external forces such as location, services and personalities. An effective Christian pastor combines different character traits and skills while administering his pastoral responsibilities. Most of the Christian pastors feel that god has given them a unique calling for their life, and they have spiritual gifts of teaching. Generally, the three leadership models used by pastors are coach/ team, shepherd/sheep, shared leadership. So Shepherding and bridge building are their leadership styles of the most of the Christian leaders. Some other styles of Christian leadership are directional, team building, and visionary styles. As a leadership style, entrepreneurial style was the least likely style Christian pastors have. Rearranging, strategizing, visionary and management are some of the very rarely used leadership styles by the Christ ian pastors. An active leader makes things occur, Ministers through formal programmed talks, ministries through words and actions, performs tasks personally and makes decisions unilaterally and individually. On the other hand, a passive leader allots tasks to others, engages and takes part in collective decision making, ministers through personal presence and compassion, preachers via Holy Spirit. Generally, it is very difficult to describe a Christian pastor as an active leader or passive leader because traits of both types of leadership are found in people. In other words, there is no totally passive or active leader, only varying blends of both character traits. The

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