Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Discuss the importance of body language and gesture in the councelling Essay

Discuss the importance of body language and gesture in the councelling exchange - Essay Example Counseling is a short-term, theory-based, non-directive, non-judgmental process (Stressmgn, n.d.). During the process, the client or the individual who is facing adjustment, developmental or situational problems, is helped by the counselor to gain awareness of himself and make decisions with support. Hence, the process of counseling would involve befriending, listening, helping, and empowering. Counseling is today a widely practiced profession and deals with problems in the field of personal, social, educational, vocational, mental health issues. Counseling can be of various types like supportive counseling, educational counseling, guidance counseling, career counseling, crisis counseling, grief counseling, post-traumatic counseling, management counseling, family counseling, marriage counseling, counseling in medical settings, rehabilitative and mental health counseling. Body language is a crucial communication tool, yet few people are well-versed in it. It has a significant impact on people’s perception even before we speak. It generates physical and emotional responses to people and situations in life. In counseling, it has great importance be it counseling for career, counseling individuals with difficulties or diseases. When a person comes for counseling, he is generally in a state of indecision and distressed. He is normally reluctant to reveal personal information and secrets. A client may or may not be aware of the need for counseling or his or her present level of functioning. A counselor has to make the individual understand his or her own body language so that they are able to understand themselves better. The counselor needs to use body language as well as interpret the body language of the client or the patient. A counselor has to be fluent in comprehending and responding to the body language and gestures of the client. To help hi m overcome resistance and comprehend himself, body language is extremely important. Hence,

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