Friday, August 9, 2019

Computer technology and the networked organization (Case) Essay

Computer technology and the networked organization (Case) - Essay Example Geographical area coverage of the business has a strong impact on the choice of network selection. Moreover, the computer networking structure classification depends on its physical topology (Bonaventure, 2011). In this paper, the focus has been rendered on the networking structure and the technologies suitable for a medium sized food store to run its business facing minimum communication hurdles. The choice of network structure and its link with the technology used plays a vital role to keep a track of the business progress, without much human intervention and distortion. Discussion Networking Architecture In today’s world, computer network system is not just an interconnected device. It is widely used to bridge the gap between the two ends of a communication channel, i.e. the communicator and the receiver. The choice of the network design depends on the business structure and its underlying intention. The network configurations used by organizations commonly include peer-to- peer or the client/server frameworks (Bakardjieva, n.d.). The peer-to-peer network is used when there are less than ten computers connected with each other in a workplace to share the files, word documents, printers, and access to internet within a small geographical area i.e. in a same floor. It has no server; hence, the computers connect with each other in the form of a workgroup to share files (Bakardjieva, n.d.).

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