Friday, August 9, 2019

Article2 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Article2 - Article Example World societies are becoming more and more diverse. Liberal values applied to public sector leaders call for equal opportunities, recognition and respect of all people. Growing amount of diverse expectations and demands results in expanded roles of leaders in public sectors. They become responsible for the policy of inclusion in various public organization and community in general. This challenge of global diversity is, perhaps, the biggest and the most problematic issue of contemporary public sector organizations. Different changes emerge every day and public sector leaders are expected to keep their policies up to date in order to be effective. In many cases, changes in public sector are implemented too slowly to be efficient. Growing expectations and increased importance of public sector leadership forces leaders to learn how to implement changes better and faster (Fernandez & Rainey, 2006). Flexible and adaptive thinking is required from public sector leaders if they want to make their solutions widely applicable and effective. Technological development challenges public sector leaders to modernize their organization by implementing advanced technologies. New technologies give many opportunities for public sector development in all spheres, but it often requires more resources than it is available. This financial pressure is typical for public sector where cuts and deficits are usual. Innovation in public sector is often treated sarcastically. However, public sector leaders are required to be innovative in order to keep organizations effective. Only innovative leaders can find the right paths to balance limited budget and the need in new technologies implementation. According to Borins (2002), innovation has to touch upon governmental responses to crisis, redistribution of power to front-line servants and middle managers and education. Rosenbaum (2003) stresses the importance of education in

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