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Personal statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal Statement Example Then my destiny played its part. The news that Hawaii School of Pharmacy was not approved for accreditation by ACPE shocked me and soon the school was ordered to down the shutters. I returned home, finding it extremely difficult to absorb this shock. I felt as if someone has cut and threw the growing sapling of my career. But soon I overcame my depression and decided to make a fight out of it. I was determined to be a pharmacist come what may! My sister’s ideal was always a source of encouragement to me. She was a pharmacist at the famous teaching hospital in Los Angeles and I was fascinated about career as a pharmacist. I list out some points in support of my decision to shape as a pharmacist. I have the natural instinct to learn about life sciences and the greatest joy in this career is the practical application of the theories that I have learnt and helping the sick patients gives me great satisfaction. A career in pharmacy involves lots of interaction with other health care professionals and I can learn something new. Interaction with the patients goes to improve my practical knowledge about sickness and the remedial measures. Involvement in the healthcare needs of the sick and the poor people is the ultimate goal of my life. Devotion to the people, I consider, is devotion to the Supreme Self. To help the sick is the greatest act of merit according to me. A series of positive developments began to take shape in my life. In 2005, I attended classes at community centers and toiled hard to get good grades. I resumed work on honorary basis as a pharmacy assistant at Kindred Hospital. I gained valuable experience as for paperwork, assisting and organizing patients’ files, observed how pharmacists interact with doctors, nurses and technicians and mastered what professionalism is all about. In the summer of 2006, I passed the Pharmacy Technician Certificate Board (PTCB) exam and then worked as a pharmacy

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