Sunday, July 28, 2019

Egovernment Issues, Technology And Applications Essay

Egovernment Issues, Technology And Applications - Essay Example The study is significant to the school Heads, teachers and parents who may use the data gathered so as to strategize on how to encourage and motivate the adolescent students in learning to improve their academic performance and stiffly face the challenges that comes their way. The essay shall restrict itself to the factors and effects surrounding the poor academic performance among adolescent students in the US. It will look into factors and effects that arise from the home environment and the learning motivation of the learners. The report shall restrict itself to the specific schools in the US with a possibility of generalising the findings to other schools of the US. The study shall target on the effects of home environment and learning motivation on academic performance of adolescents because it is an area which has not been well researched, and therefore any study focused specifically to that category would yield into timely results. This paper makes a conclusion that adolescent students are faced with a lot of challenges during their academic lives. So many effects on their academic performance are paramount and for them to improve, these effects must be found out and addressed accordingly. This is possible only if the government and the public realize the significance of good academic performance among the adolescents, their continued stay in school without dropping out of school and their positive contribution to the nation and the society at large. The government and the public should therefore empower and support researchers in all ways. This is only possible if the challenges stated above shall be resolved and a long-term solution found

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