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Information System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Information System - Essay Example Their efforts are based upon the contributions in the field of industry and sciences before 1920s. It is broadly characterized as scientific management principles and application in industrial domain. The development of computers in a phase wise manner from the days of Steve Jobs and IBM to present day open source operating systems and spread of internet in the form of World Wide Web is a technological achievement made possible in the last part of previous decade. Thesis statement: Each of these developments (Scientific Management and Internet) has had economic, social, technological, cultural and developmental impact. This paper looks into the multifaceted contribution by each of these in their own capacity and own spectrum. Scientific Management: While the Industrial revolution had given the field of development and manufacturing a new dimension, additional development and performance improvement was yet to be achieved and there were considerable margins for development in that zon e. The improvement of the working procedures and personnel performance was an area that was yet to be harmonized with the industrial developments made in previous century. Bridging the gap between the man power, their abilities, machine and processes made up for a new domain of study and research. The principles of Scientific Management undertook this as an exploration of new methods and mechanisms for further enhancing the potential of growth and capacity amongst the workers and within the industries. This summarizes the purpose and motto of Scientific Management. Frederick Winslow Taylor: Many other proponents of improvement and development along with machine manufacturing companies aimed at bringing the two fields together. The First to achieve a breakthrough was Frederick Winslow Taylor who came up with a novel idea that would make up for the benchmark and standardized pattern of manufacturing industry principles essential for success. He along with his team of experts from the field of their respective specialization are clearly accorded as the honors of having achieved the breakthrough and come up with something concrete against something that was long considered and fancied for in terms of progress and better utilization of technology (SAPRU, 2013, 110). Target industries and domains: Under the principle and concepts of Scientific Management, manufacturing industries fell directly under the target of improvements and the potential that was present for capitalization. Making use of the energies resources, capital, machinery, employees all this was sought and a general realization existed that advocated the integration of management on scientific basis and industrial processes for creation of a synergetic effect within. The team performed intensive investigations aimed at identifying the areas of potential improvement and areas of negligence that had yet to be explored and were lacking for development on account of lack of attention and work performed in the given domain. As a result of the extensive research and review Frederick Winslow Taylor came up with â€Å"The Principles of Scientific Management† that had the best recipe of increasing productivity, integrating different domains and increasing the working patterns of employees as well. The novelty of piece of work was the fact that for the first time the social impact was touched upon in the entire scheme of research and for the first tim

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