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BOOK REVIEW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

BOOK REVIEW - Essay Example Eating is a basic human need and the author is sending a message that the book can be considered as an essential element for survival, taking all the meaning in and not specifically. On page 7, the author compared reading the bible to stepping out of the cave into the real world based on Plato’s analogy. Parts two and chapter three is about learning from the bible and not using the content to personal advantage. In page 22, it is expressed by the author based on the bible that it is important to eat the book because it should be nourishment. The third part until the fifth part explores the different roles of scriptures such as being the text that give lessons to learn, the form which is about following the way of Jesus, and as script which is to be shared to the world (pp. 22-76). The second and third chapters are in depth look on the specific concepts and teachings and the manner of understanding them. Topics within the chapters Lectio Divina and The Company of Translators pr ovide structure to the teaching and scriptures and point out the importance of participatory reading. The author has the last part of the third chapter to the issue regarding translation of the bible and the effect on understanding its content. Reading the book can encourage readers to read the bible. It is a different, open and light approach to a serious literary work that is respected by faith. The title can be considered as a witty way to denote the urgent need to imbibe the message of the book since it is essential to human beings’ survival. The author’s being religious is greatly reflected in the book. His passion regarding his faith and the need to make people realize that eating the book or metaphorically digesting its content is evident in every line. Even the last half where the author has the initiative to translate the bible from the original language to be able to achieve the message version reflects the need he

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