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Television and The InternetHaving already d unrivalled my fair share of internet surfing, I was excited tofinally have the opportunity to do a research paper that involved this vast andseemingly boundless electronic world. It is easy to passively interact with therest of the world and s evict effortlessly through millions of pages of information,some of which is useful, some of which simply takes up space the problem thatmany researchers and interest groups demonstrate is making sense of the whole thing.What effects does the internet have on people? This question is no doubt animmense one. In this paper I will attempt to explore the effects the internethas on one major aspect of our everyday lives television receiver. The internet is notonly linked to television in the sense that they both convey vast amounts ofinformation, but they both seem to complement each other. The internet ispresenting vast amounts of information about our darling television shows aswell as providing an a rena for discussion about the programs. I will present toyou what is available out there and hypothesize how this can enhance or alterones experience with television. Included in this paper will be actualresponses from individuals around the world who responded to a survey I postedon various internet newsgroups devoted to specific television shows. The mostrelevant responses are attached as an app endix at the end of this paper.     I will first briefly define the terms that I will use to avoid anyambiguities. When I restore to the internet, I refer to the vast encyclopedia ofinformation presented through a graphical interface as pages, or network sites.Newsgroups refer to a varied aspect of the world-wide web. They constitute ofover ten thousand separate and specific forums or centers where people postcomments or remarks and read others replies or comments. Each newsgroup isdevoted to a different theme. For example, there are over two hundred devoted totelevi sion one or two for Friends, one for Party of Five, one for the CBC, etc. chatter groups are an interactive aspect of the world-wide web in which people cantalk in real time. There is an unlimited number of channels one can speak on,although there are more popular ones with specific themes for example, thechannel is a popular channel for Simpsons fans to discuss theshow. These are the main aspects of the world-wide web which can handle affairsdealing with television. The broadest, of course, is the internet. I will referto those who browse the internet as "surfers.

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