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Biological Warfare Essay -- War Weapons Essays

Biological Warf beI believe that biological warf atomic number 18 should non be option in war because it is expensive, it could cause a major death toll, and could cause major contamination to boththing that is left over after biological weapons are used. Others believe that biological warfare should be an option because it is quick and kills off a lot of area all at once and may be more potent than the most lethal chemical warfare agents.At a time in history when such unique situations are proceedsing our government, our nation, our foreign policy, and our world, it is important that we, as a nation do all that we can to aide in the dramatic diplomatic decisions that pertain to the welfare of this cracking nation. Throughout history, America has prevailed in numerous battles, hardships, depressions, and complicated policies that have in all conclusions made her powerful, yet vulnerable at the same time. With the growing effect that the potentiality of war on one or even two fronts has on the citizens of our country, it is detrimental that we continue to keep everyone involved in this shaping situation. ace increasingly terrifying mechanism that terrorist cells, among others, have access to use against a state like us is biological warfare. The continuous education, preparation, and prevention of biological weapons are a key factor in defending The United States of America, and the world from the devastation that these weapons of mass destruction may cause. As once popularly verbalize by an ancient scholar, Knowledge is Power. This catch phrase can be applied to nearly every aspect of human life, including even our government, and nation. The educate feel informed, and involved in the matters of the government, and it is therefor... ...arfare. Next it could cause a massive death toll and possibly kill of the unit nation or the whole world. Finally, biological warfare could cause contamination to any of the remains after an attack and this cont amination would sooner or later kill off any of these remains. ResourcesPearson, G. International Security Information Service. Deliberate Disease Why Biological Warfare is a Real Concern. Retrieved April 1, 2003, fromhttp//, L. (2002). The economy is the target. U.S. News and World Report, 40. Retrieved April 3, 2003, from donnish Search Premier Database.Dudley, P. and Woodford, Michael (2002). Bioweapons, Biodiversity, and Ecocide Potential Effects of Biological Weapons on Biological Diversity. Bioscience, 582. Retrieved April 3, 2003, from Academic Search Premier Database.

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