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Scholarly Articles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Scholarly Articles - Essay ExampleThese articles and their explanations are,In introducing his thesis, the author identifies various writers who have articles on the same topic. For example he identifies Paul Carmenisch and his explanation of ethical practices as the core of business activities (Chase, 2004). He names provision of goods and services as an consequential ethical practice organizations need to undertake. The author uses Carmenisch arguments to build on his thesis and in the second paragraph he identifies Christian values in note to business ethics. This is the theses of this article.The structure of this article is different from articles on Story grammar in the sense that this article introduces its thesis by use of authors who have written on such a topic while in story grammar articles there is use of case studies to introduce a thesis statement.In introducing the thesis, the writer uses a case study which gives example of how corporations are hard to kill. In the second paragraph, the author introduces the thesis statement by use of a enquiry, the question is, and the question asked is in reference to advertisements as a means of building a business brand (Stackhouse, 2004)This is similar with article in story grammar which uses case studies in introducing their thesis. The author has used a case study to introduce his thesis. The Story of Martha Stewart, producer of beverages, jailed but her company for business malpractices but her company quench performed well.In introducing his thesis, in the first paragraph, he starts by Quoting woods Allen, a 1980 author. He uses APA style of referencing. In the second paragraph, the author introduces the discussion topics of his paper and thereafter, the greatness decision making, which is his thesis. This article is different from articles in story grammar because it does have a case study in developing its thesis (Gill, 2004).On the article, Reflections on Consumerism in a Global Era, the author has managed

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