Thursday, June 20, 2019

Living Abroad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Living Abroad - Essay ExampleAccess to other states provides the freedom of choice to those people who are not guinea pig with limits and intend to broaden own assessment. Because travelling is not just a matter of good time-spending, it is also a process of studying, which assists to elaborate new change of perception, comprehension and emotional arousal. When a person visits various places all over the world, he gets acquainted with foreign culture, lifestyle, customs, morals and manners. This in its turn makes him wiser, more good and intelligent, enabling to come up with totally new ideas, thoughts, attitudes and sometimes absolutely new dreams. The more a man sees, the faster he saturates own mind with knowledge that helps him to develop own personality and grow. Nature gave us unlimited abilities. That is why our task is to improve ourselves no matter what level we have already reached. Regrettably, not everybody has inner intention to get smarter and more educated, but th ose who really have it try to perceive as much information as possible. And partially we are able to implement the mentioned plan with a help of different people during communicational process and various places that have own history and events. Therefore, traveling contains several functions, one of which is experience along with self-development. Being an everlasting dreamer by nature, I have a list of goals that should be attained on specific stages of my life. The biggest of them is to make a trip all around the world. It is definitely not an easy scheme, which female genitalia take a lot of time, but I am absolutely confident that this dream is worthy having a try. In my opinion, there is nothing so amazingly impressing than to admire foreign countries, hearing some other(prenominal) language, searching for places of interest, tasting national food, trying to have a chat with local citizens, and just wandering with a map from one street to another in a hope to find the right direction. Traveling is not just another kind of entertainment, for many people it is a real elan of life without which they can not imagine own existence. Visiting other countries manages to broaden persons outlook, making him stronger and capable of great endurance to ever-changing conditions of surrounding atmosphere. It is not random that usually a man who travels a lot turns out to be rather interesting interlocutor, because his way of life allows him to be aware about many things that are hardly known for those people who never go out of native town. A traveler can learn you a lot due to his wide experience and high intelligence. Such person is steadier to foreign environment and there is less possibility that different disagreeable situations will be able to break him down and push to give up. When you see many things, you become ready for unpredictable issues, which for stay-at-home people can be unsolvable. That is why traveling gives you a considerable advantage, endowi ng with knowledge that can become essential and rather useful in the future. For example, it is known that each expanse has its own rules and ethics which need to be followed when you make a visit or deal with people originated there. Hence, in China it is considered to be normal when a person leaves some food on his plate, which means that he is full up and content with masters hospitality. This is a sign of respect and gratitude. However, in United States of America such gesture can be accepted as offence. People may think that you did not eat up because in your opinion the food was not delicious, even

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