Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Womens Athletic Organizations :: Pro Con Essays

Pros and Cons of Womens room Athletic Organizations being Incorporated by Mens Athletic OrganizationsWhen the Ameri toilette Basketball League (ABL) started up, I was one of the wide-eyed young athletes who dreamed of playing in it when I grew up. I had always had lots of women role models as athletes, but this gave me something that I could aspire to do with my life. These women were playing basketball game as a career. My parents took me to games to see the New England Blizzard and the Columbus Quest play. One clip we stayed in the same hotel as the Columbus team, and they all came out of their rooms and talked to me and autographed a program for me. That summer that Womens National Basketball Association (WNBA) initiated by the National Basketball Association (NBA). I was adamantly against the WNBA from the moment I heard its name. Take the mens league and stick women in front of it, and you had the WNBA. The WNBA wasnt counterbalance playing basketball during the right time. N o one should have a basketball season during the summer. Of course, they couldnt play during the winter because then they would be interfering with the mens games. The NBA couldnt let womens games draw gestate away from the mens games. In my thirteen-year-old eyes, the ABL was a league made for women by former female players. It had female coaches and it was the true basketball league that would give women an equal happening. The WNBA was idea up as a novelty by fat white men in business suits who thought that with the NBAs backing and money, they could do just about anything. So why not let women play basketball and see how it went over? In retrospect, I female genital organ see that n each of my opinions on the two leagues was exactly correct. However, I still resent the NBA-supported WNBA for breaking the first womens basketball league that had a real chance of surviving. I resent it more because I know that the WNBA did have a better chance of competing in the business world of professional sports because they did have support from the mens league. The WNBA would get more sponsors than the ABL would, and it could afford to not make a profit for a few years with the financial support from the NBA. I can also see that with my height and lack of natural athletic ability there was no way I would have ever made it into either league.

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