Monday, March 9, 2020

gender anylsis essays

gender anylsis essays He strides toward us in navy and whit, his body muscled and heavy-set, one arm holding his casually flung jeans jacket over his shoulder. A man in his prime, with just the right combination of macho and sartorial flair. She is curled and giggling upon a chair, her hair loose and flowing around her shoulders, leaning forward innocently; the very picture of a blossoming, navy flower. They are each pictured on a magazine page of their own, situated opposite each other in a complementary two-page layout. They are stationed in front of a muted photograph which serves as a background for each one. They both merit their own captions: bold indigo letters presiding over them in the outer corners of each page. His says: Some Like Their Blues Hard. Hers says: Some Like Their Blues soft. His background depicts a thrusting struggle between a quarter back and leaping defender, a scene of arrested violence and high tension. Her background is a lounging, bikini-clad goddess, who looks at the camera with intriguing, calm passion. She raises her hand to rest behind her head in in a languid gesture as she tries to incite passion within the viewer. At the bottom of the page blazes the proud emblem of the company that came up with this ad: FILA JEANS This advertisement blatantly uses stereotypes of men and women to sell its product. It caters to our need to fit into the roles that society has deemed right for the individual sexes ever since patriarchal rule rose up and replace the primitive worship of mother goddess and reverence for woman. These stereotypes handed down to us throughout the centuries spell out to us that men are violence and power incarnate, and that the manly attitude has no room for weakness or softness in nature. We find our role model of women in the compliant and eager female who obeys her man in all things, who must not say no to a male, and who is not very bright; someone ...

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