Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Solar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Solar - Essay Example nditions%2Fcq5dam.web.460.306.jpeg& Source: The project will need both skilled and non-skilled labor. For the skilled labor, the project requires three skilled electrical artisans. The artisans will help in making house lighting connections and direct the non-skilled laborers. The other workers will be sourced among the villagers and provide them with training on how to take care and maintain the project in the future. They can, however, enquire for skilled artisans if complex problems surface. As indicated earlier, the transport system of Sandikohla is at a very dilapidated state. Transporting project materials by road to the village is challenging. Materials from town to the village will be transported using a truck. VR Kung Factory has trucks that they lend to their customers to transport the materials they buy. The drivers of the trucks also understand the extreme terrain of the area and will know the safe routes to use. Routes with minimal hills and less muddy will be used (â€Å"Ewbchallenge,† 2014). Source:

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