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Depression Exercise As A Treatment For Depression

Recent credible research studies were gathered for data involving exercise as a treatment for depression. The interest of change is to help people with depression to improve overall quality of life. Throughout the studies gathered, time and time again exercise of varying intensities and time frames were stated as being beneficial in treating people with depression. These types of exercises include moderate intensity, such as walking, or low intensity, such as yoga or resistance training. Benefits were seen with exercising for as little as four weeks to twelve months. Improved symptoms included feeling more â€Å"alive† or less â€Å"numb† and improving body image and self esteem (Danielsson, Kihlbom, Rosberg, 2016). Exercise was also found to†¦show more content†¦Stanton et al. (2013) states that exercise performed three times weekly and of moderate intensity is beneficial in treating depression. These types of aerobic exercises include the treadmill, outdoor walking, stationary cycle, or elliptical. This specific intervention lasted four to twelve weeks. With the Hallgren et. al study, participants were assigned to a supervised group exercise; at the 12-month follow-up, the response rate of decreased depression symptoms was 84% (2016). Although Schuch et al. (2016) found that aerobic exercise improved depression symptoms, it was also found that anaerobic exercise decreased depressive symptoms as well. The exercises can be group based, mixed supervised and unsupervised, and include people who have comorbidities (Schuch et al., 2016). According to Taspinar, B., Aslan, U., Agbuga, B., Taspinar, F. (2014) and Mathersul, Rosenbaum (2016), the second theme gathered is that yoga is a useful treatment for depressed mood. It was found that Hatha yoga and resistance exercise decreased depression symptoms at a similar level with the Taspinar et al. study (2014). It was noted that group Hatha yoga improved dimensions of fatigue, self-esteem, and qu ality of life, whereas resistance exercise improved perceived body image (Taspinar et al., 2014). No improvements in depression were noted in control groups (Taspinar et al., 2014). Mathersul and Rosenbaum (2016) looked at the effects of exercise and yoga, and found that both areShow MoreRelatedEssay On Exercise As Treatment For Depression1435 Words   |  6 Pages Exercise as Treatment for Depression Jacob Gibson University of Alabama in Birmingham Exercise as Treatment for Depression Depression is a prevalent severe medical disorder that adversely affects the way people feel, think, and act. According to Brosse, Sheets, Lett and Blumenthal (2002), the term depression is used to describe an unease or dissatisfaction mood state, a condition that involves a group of symptoms or a clinical disorder. Depression leads to a series of feelings of sadnessRead MoreEssay On Clinical Depression1487 Words   |  6 PagesAmericans suffer from clinical depression each year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2017), 322 million people are affected by depression around the world. Concerning industrialized Western world countries, it remains as the number one psychological disorder affecting its population (WHO, 2017). Most clinicians begin primarily with prescribing either pharmacologic or psychotherapy interventions. With billions of dollars spent in revue on treating depression (Chisholm, Sweeny, and SheehanRead MoreA Research Study Of Medicine1428 Words   |  6 Pages these are just a quarter of the symptoms people with depression have to endure. Depression interferes with a person s life and can cause pain for that person and others around him or her. It can even be very difficult trying to look for ideal treatment. Even though the most common treatments are antidepressants, some doctors consider exercise as a reliable treatment because of its preliminary health benefits. Cardiovascular/aerobic exercise helps to prevent health problems such as high cholesterolRead MoreEssay about Exercise and Depression1597 Words   |  7 Pages â€Å"Healthy body, healthy mind† Can exercise help with depression? STUDENT ID: 8401122 Abstract This report aims to determine the efficacy and benefits of exercise in the management of depression, which is classified by the World Health Organisation as a mood disorder. In order to place exercise therapy into context, conventional methods for treating clinical depression are discussed. A personal meta-analysisRead MoreDepression Case Study781 Words   |  4 Pagescontrol treatment) and the outcome is the severity of depression symptoms. The efficacy of exercise of a treatment compared to that of the standard antidepressant will be investigated in adults with depression as the study population. Participants will be recently diagnosed with depression, and be recruited from four community mental health treatment centres located throughout the province. Participants will be randomized to either undergo a standard antidepressant medication treatment or an aerobicRead MoreMost Common Type Of Depression1470 Words   |  6 Pages People with depression are often times suffering from a chemical misbalance in the brain, lacking in either their dopamine or serotonin levels, which in result, leads to people suffering from depression to feel the sadness they do. Depression is a disorder and takes on many different forms. The first and most common type of depression is called major depression, which is considered to be, â€Å"severe symptoms that interfere with your ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy life. An episode canRead MoreThe Major Causes Of Depression1581 Words   |  7 PagesDepression, a clinical disorder, is an increasingly common problem in our society today. Whether it is a fast-paced lifestyle, demands from work or school, traumatic events, loss, or loneliness are all factors that can lead to depression in people. In addition to medicine and therapy, doctors have been prescribing physical activity as a form of the treatment plan. In this paper, I will be discussing the major causes of de pression, how exercise might help reduce the symptoms, and which exercises wouldRead MoreAn Effective Treatment For Teenage Depression1705 Words   |  7 Pagesor actions. Of these 2.8 million American adolescents suffering from depression less than 33% actually receive treatment (Teen Help 2015). Depression is a highly treatable disease with treatments ranging from therapy to the use of prescribed medication. Recent studies have shown that healthy lifestyle changes can also be an effective treatment for teenage depression and is a much cheaper alternative to more expensive treatment options. A healthy lifestyle can alter one’s brain chemistry thus improvingRead MoreEffects Of Depression On Athletes And Depression1286 Words   |  6 Pagesnumbers and statistics on depression are astonishing. Throughout my education at temple I have briefly touched on the subject of athletes and depression, respectively. To further expand my knowledge on this topic I looked at multiple areas dealing with the correlation of exercise and depression, as well as, the effect depression has on athletes. These areas included topics such as: depression, the relationship between depression and exercise, struggles of athletes, depression found in athletes, andRead MoreEffects Of Depression On High Income Countries1555 Words   |  7 PagesDepression, in general, affects more than 340 million people around the world and is reported to be the highest cause of disability in high-income countries (Demissie). 15% to 85% of mothers can experience postpartum â€Å"blues† with postpartum depression rates between 11.7% and 20.4% in the United States alone (Ersek). This depression can occur at anytime from post-delivery up to one year (Ersek). Giving birth comes with a wide variety of changes including physical, emotion and social. There are very

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