Thursday, December 26, 2019

Deep Brain Stimulation Implantation ( Shin ) Implantation

Deep Brain Stimulation Implantation Deep brain stimulation (DBS) implantation is a procedure to insert a wire (lead) into one or both sides of the brain in order to deliver electrical currents to an area causing problems. The lead is attached to a power source that is implanted under the skin near the collarbone, chest, or abdomen. This procedure may be done to treat various medical conditions, such as Parkinson disease, essential tremor, and other neurological conditions that cannot be controlled with medicines. Once implanted, the device can be used 24 hours per day. The intensity and frequency of the pulses are programmed for each individual and can be adjusted. The DBS device has three parts: †¢ A lead. This is a thin wire. It goes through one or two small openings in your skull. It delivers the electrical pulse. †¢ A power source. This is called the neurotransmitter. It is usually placed under the skin in the upper part of your collarbone, chest, or abdomen, similar to how a heart pacemaker is inserted. It is powered by a long-lasting battery. †¢ An extension. This is a wire that connects the lead to the power source. The extension is passed under the skin of your head and neck and down to the power source. LET YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER KNOW ABOUT: †¢ Any allergies you have. †¢ All medicines you are taking, including vitamins, herbs, eye drops, creams, and over-the-counter medicines. †¢ Previous problems you or members of your family have had with theShow MoreRelatedHesi Practice31088 Words   |  125 Pagesundergo internal radiation. In teaching the client about the procedure, the nurse would be most accurate in telling the client A. she ll be in a private room with unrestricted activities. B. a bowel-cleansing procedure will precede radioactive implantation. C. she ll be expected to use a bedpan for urination. D. the preferred positioning in bed will be semi-Fowler s. 14. Before administering a tube feeding to a toddler, which of the following methods should the nurse use to check the placement

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