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Abbott Labs Financial Analysis - 1825 Words

Balance Sheet The biggest change in Abbott’s balance sheet can be seen in the composition of its asset accounts. In 2006, % of the firm’s assets were current, while 69% were of the long-term variety. In 2010, however, the portion of current assets increased by 7%. This increase in current assets is most visible in cash and short-term investments (4% in 2006 to 9% in 2010) and corresponds with a higher level of uncertainty in today’s economy. The fact that Abbott Laboratories has chosen to increase the value of liquid assets on its balance sheet indicates low returns on long-term investments and a preference of keeping cash on hand rather than reinvesting in the business. The liabilities section of Abbott’s balance sheet does not†¦show more content†¦The firm’s accounts receivable ratio increased from 68.71 in 2006 to 74.56 in 2010. This means that it is taking Abbott almost six days longer to collect from its customers today than it did five years ago. Furthermore, the firm’s accounts payable days has decreased from 43.72 in 2006 to 38.22 in 2010. This means that Abbott is paying its suppliers 5 ½ days earlier today than it did in 2006. A change in the inventory ratio from 8.01 in 2006 to 11.03 in 2010 indicates that it is taking the firm longer to sell finished goods than it used to. The increase in the accounts receivable and inventory ratios, combined with a decrease in the accounts payable ratio, indicates poor working capital management and helps to explain why the firm has increased its holdings of cash and short-term investments. To correct this, Abbott’s managers should focus on collecting cash fro m its customers faster and delaying payments to its suppliers. To maximize its cash position, the firm would be best served by paying its suppliers in the same amount of time as it collects payment from its customers. Abbott’s fixed asset and total asset turnover ratios can tell us how well the firm uses its assets to generate revenue. The fixed asset ratio provides the proportion of sales to fixed assets and tells us how much revenue isShow MoreRelatedAnalysis And Evaluation Of The Business And Financial Performance Of An Organization1365 Words   |  6 Pagesinformation pack from OBU and in that they offered wide variety of topics to choose from evaluation and analysis of organisation to critical review of key factors affecting organisation or brands. But topic no. 8 made most sense to me which is â€Å"Analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of an organisation over a three year period†. Reason is my incline towards handling financial data and number crunching. Personally I feel comfortable dealing with numbers, even during my studiesRead MoreAbbott Case Study6378 Words   |  26 Pagesï » ¿ Company Analysis –Abbott Laboratories By Anupam Paul ACCT 6330 FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS SPRING 2009 GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS Executive Summary This paper provides overview of Abbott Laboratories, a research-based, global pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets leading prescription medicines as well as many of the world s best-known consumer healthcare products. The paper discusses the company s positionRead MoreAbbott Nutrition Sales2440 Words   |  10 Pages3 Self Analysis Thank You Letter Contacts Thank You letter Organizational Chart Works Cited Part 1. Company Report Abbott Nutrition headquarters (AN) is located in Columbus, Ohio. Other divisions include Abbott Nutrition Products Division (ANPD) AND Abbott Nutrition International (ANI). ANPD refers to the domestic business (US) while ANI refers to the international business. When working within the domestic business, ANPD is referred to as Abbott NutritionRead MoreIn less than a years time, Kyle Warren had been seen by four different medical doctors, each one800 Words   |  4 Pagesprofession, what lead up to the mass labeling and drugging in America, the reasons behind petitions for change by professionals in this very field, and the need for the immediate and complete reform of the mental health system. The goal of this analysis is to raise awareness on this issue by sharing information as to the identity of the culprits behind the corruption and the harm to human lives by breaking the system that no longer works for the people it is meant for. The suggestion of keyRead MorePoctor Gamle1717 Words   |  7 Pagesassociation. A scandal relating to another Pamp;G brand could negatively affect the customer relationships built by another brand with a customer. This is potentially disastrous, because if one or more of Pamp;G’s brands erode significantly, their financial status and market positioning will be adversely affected. (Kuhn, 2012). Another challenge that Pamp;G faces is that Pamp;G’s major brands are in the fast-moving consumer goods and the markets these products are in are characterized by frequentRead MoreBiogen Analysis7823 Words   |  32 Pagesheart failure. Biogen currently employs more than 1,500 people worldwide. In 2000, the total revenues for Biogen were $926.5 million. The revenues from the sale of Avonex were $761.1 million or approximately 82% of total revenues. Competitive Analysis Dominant Economic Features The biotechnology industry is characterized by extremely high capital requirements as well as high research and development costs. The top biotechnology firm spends an average of $101,000 per employee versus an averageRead MoreMergers and Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical Sector Since the Last 10years to Cope with the Mutations of This Sector.7658 Words   |  31 Pages 3. Mergers in the market p.14 3.1 Different types of mergers in the pharmaceutical industry 3.2 Mergers and acquisitions process 3.3 Main strategic reasons a) Financial reasons b) Offensive reasons c) Defensive reasons d) Other reasons 4. The example of Pfizer’s take-over on Wyeth p.19 Conclusion p20 References p23 During the first twoRead MoreThe Retention And Succession Planning3788 Words   |  16 Pagesabilities. To me, learning is a lifelong process, and it is essential that one surrounds him/herself with opportunities to grow and develop professionally. Conclusion Perhaps Goetz et al. (2011) said it best when they stated, â€Å"Whether it is financial improvement, advancing patient safety, or ensuring a highly engaged workforce, success will not be attained without thoughtful, focused leadership† (p. 182). The eleven topics discussed previously underscore the vast array of information an individualRead MoreNegative Economic Impact of the Ppaca3287 Words   |  14 Pagesto an estimated 670,000 lost job opportunities annually. The imposed tax hikes are anticipated to cost taxpayers $503 billion over 10 years and more in the future to subsidize government spending on new entitlements (Dubay). The standing budget analysis is very limited, as it does not account for how the policy’s combination of spending and increased taxes alters the macroeconomic performance of the economy. The heavy initial costs of the policy hinder economic growth with higher inflation andRead MoreMa Medco6619 Words   |  27 PagesCase Analysis - Merck-Medco Maureen Hergert MGT 362 - SPRING 2004 Professor Steven Francis Case Analysis - MerckMedco March 7, 2004 Introduction. Merck Company (Merck) was a pharmaceutical researcher and manufacturer while Medco Cost Containment Services, Inc. (Medco) was a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). On November 18, 1993, Merck purchased Medco for $6.6 billion. Immediately after the merger, Medco operated as a subsidiary of Merck. In 1994, MerckMedco was formed. 2 Grant states that corporate

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