Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sociological Perspective Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sociological Perspective - Research Paper Example From the report it is clear that the conflict theory was presented in opposition to the structural functional theory by Karl Marx and was further developed by Max Webber. Groups are in a constant struggle of power to gain control over resources, some groups may get control over these valuable resources others may not. The theory goes on to explain that conflict lies at the core of relationship for a society. Those who do not have resources struggle to acquire them, whereas those who are privileged strive to hold on to them.According to the essay  findings conflicts within groups primarily arise from differences of interest and as a result of the inequality in the distribution of resources; resulting in an ongoing competition over scares resources. The fundamental contributing factors that lead to conflict among competing groups are money, power, distinct needs and incompatible interests. It could be one or all of these factors combined.  The format of the show divides contestants into groups referred to as â€Å"tribes†. The tribes are given limited resources on which they have to survive and progress through the game.  Ã‚   The contestants have to face challenges throughout the game. These challenges have to be won in order to get rewards or to secure â€Å"immunity† from the vote out.   Initially the tribes compete with each other in the form of groups but at later stages of the competition they contend at an individual level.

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