Saturday, November 23, 2019

Isp Summary Essays

Isp Summary Essays Isp Summary Essay Isp Summary Essay ISP Summary We chose to do our integrated study plan project on nature as the season change. We felt this topic was appropriate because the children seemed really interested in the outdoors at the beginning of the semester. We split our main topic into three parts- animals, trees, and weather. I was in charge of the trees and implemented six different activities about trees throughout the semester. My outcomes for each activity were met. For my Literacy activity I read the book Tree Is Nice by Janice May Udry , after reading the book the children were able to learn why is the tree is important in our life. For the Math lesson plan the children were able to match trees with some shapes. For the Science lesson the children learn about animals live inside the tree. For the Social Studies lesson plan the children learn about how the looks like in different seasons, and they were able to match the right tree with the right season. For the Art lesson plan children were able to identify the changing color of the leaves during the seasons, and they paint their own leaves. And for the physical lesson plan the children pretend to be trees and move like when the wind hit the tree, freeze when the snow is falling, and fall down like the leaves fall from the tree in the fall. The best part was that the children were engaged in the activities and they had fun. And because this is my first time working with children, I sometimes feel nervous, but I got over it when time was past. For the next semester I need to improve my lesson plans and do it better than I did. About the children I was surprised that they treat each other by respect, and taking care of each other, and they have a good relationship with us. Dani and Mary had a great part in my 100 hour student teaching, and they helped and watched us very carefully during their teaching, and their feedback was really helpful. I will advise the next student teacher to be so nervous just take it easy the children will love you because children are angels. And enjoy your time with the children.

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