Friday, November 1, 2019

Ch9 - reflectional journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ch9 - reflectional journal - Essay Example On the other hand, global climatic change and matters concerning national council can be explained by science. For this reason, students should be thought both social studies and science together so that they can relate them separately (National Research Council, 2011). How does the relation between subjects in schools help in effective teaching? Sciences have a relationship with other fields of study. Science and mathematics are two very close subjects, and one relies on the other while doing investigations. Mathematical concepts are used to calculate complicated steps in scientific investigations. It is more advantageous to both learn mathematics and science along so that one can be an effective teacher. For a student to understand some mathematical concepts like drawing of graphs, his/ her teacher should teach the student both mathematics and science together. This enables the student to relate the concepts and understand it well rather than teaching the two subject separately (National Research Council, 2011). The world is evolving daily, and new technologies are invented. For this reason, students should be thought the Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Engineering is an essential field in technological advancement, and so teachers should involve students in STEM experiments so that they can practically understand. The Next Generation Science Standards is more concerned with (STEM) since engineering is the core subject applied in the task. In conclusion, English and art are more important for a student to be taught. Enhancement of a student’s understanding requires much reading and writing and, for this reason, a teacher should have it as its first

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