Thursday, October 17, 2019

What makes religion different from a cult Assignment

What makes religion different from a cult - Assignment Example In general, the main difference between them is that cult can be seen as an extremely closed ideological system based on strict worshiping of a leader. In contrast to the cult, religion can be viewed as a set of internal and external manifestations of human faith. In other words, any religion focuses on the internal search of the self in harmony with God or the Absolute. As is it known, any religion recognizes the value and importance of human desire to know one’s â€Å"I.† Religion can be viewed as a way for self-knowledge by referring to God or to the Absolute. Regardless of the type of religion, a believer should learn to control his/her â€Å"I.† In turn, this is possible as a result of learning the features of one’s soul, mind and psyche. Believers should open the way to their inner world, and religion is the way by which this can be done. Thus, religion is impossible without self-knowledge and the desire to understand the essence of one’s soul and nature. In fact, religion calls â€Å"to confront reality, to master the self† (Galvan). In this regard, religion cannot be identified with the cult. The cult should be viewed as a certain ritual practice, which does not aim at self-knowledge. In reality, the cult is a closed system, where the main role belongs to the leader. The task of its followers is to w orship the cult leader and glorify him. As a result, this understanding does not involve the pursuit of self-analysis and the search for one’s â€Å"I.† Any cult is based on a strict set of rules, where conformity and control play a particularly important role. As an exclusive system designed for a narrow circle of followers, the cult forbids any questions or doubts about its ideological base or leader. A person has the ability to become part of a certain cult only if he/she recognizes the ideas and beliefs underlying the cult. Moreover, religion cannot be considered as a cult for the simple reason that the concept of cult often â€Å"carries a

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