Saturday, October 19, 2019

Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Marketing Plan - Essay Example Competition from Blackpool Beach will decrease income from both inbound international tourism and local tourism by a considerable margin (between 8-10%). iii. With the tourism in Scotland on the rise (VisitScotland 2012), our competitors will institute new facilities and recreational activities for the summer season before March 2014. Marketing Objectives Aberdeen Beach offers a serene, beautiful and relaxing environment for tourists, both local and international. Apart from coming up with a mission statement that is both marketing oriented and consumer-focused, Aberdeen City Council should create an objective to attain cumulative growth in tourism volume of at least 60% over the next three years. At least 30% of this tourism growth should result from local tourist and from new facilities that offer activities that are non-seasonal or are generally undertaken during the off-peak period. Aberdeen beach should also institute efforts to capture over 25% of the tourism market share in th e area within the next 3 years. This will make sure that it is the biggest tourist destination in the area. Better facilities and activities that take advantage of off-peak tourism will ensure that it offers valid competition to Blackpool beach. To accomplish the various marketing objectives laid down, the Aberdeen City Council should put benchmarks in place to assess progress. Frequent evaluation of these objectives will offer feedback and potential remedial actions on a timely basis. The chief marketing objective is to improve the perceptions tourists as well as the locals have about the Aberdeen Beach. Since Aberdeen beach has been slowly losing both the local and the international tourists, it must not be satisfying its current consumers. The city council should review the problems that hinder success and use it to not only keep its current tourism base but encourage new international and local tourists to the area. To improve success, benchmarks should be developed to understan d how the city council can improve the experience of tourists to the beach through knowledge of tourist’s needs and specific opportunities for instituting new recreational facilities. The benchmarks should be developed through market research as well as the City Council’s marketing information system. Another objective should be the institution of an education program that will serve to educate the local residents about the issue of climate change and the rising flood risk in the area. The City Council should collaborate with the local residents in efforts to conserve and restore the beach (Robert Gordon 2013). The City Council should also create a new office that deals with beach security and cleanliness. It should interact with local residents and set up an institution that deals with cleaning up the beach and ensuring that companies and other individuals do not use the beach as a dumping point. According to Chan, Leung, and Wong (2006) collaborative environment rest oration efforts can be utilized as a means of advertisement both for local consumers and international. It should also collaborate with local law enforcement to ensure that visitors to the beach are safe. Marketing Strategies A. Target Markets Target Market 1: The first target market is the local tourists. Posters and customized calendars showing the beauty of Aberdeen beach could help reconnect with the local population. The Beach has also received bad

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