Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Language Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Language - Personal Statement Example Even in my country, there is only one of my peers that curses and my friends and I have alienated him. I am a tremendous believer that first impressions mean everything. I am not a fan of profanity. I do realize that some people have awful moments and at some times have even heard a profane comment well placed. While I may find the circumstances understandable, I myself do not curse at all. As a result, I found that this assignment was rather simple. I did notice though that so many people employ profane words as part of their basic English. I find the practice in general to be offensive and also to be a sure sign of ignorance. One can walk a city street anywhere and hear phrases peppered with the "F-bomb" and what not. For example "I need cash but I can't find a F------ ATM machine". I go about my daily business without having to caution myself in cursing thus this assignment was not one that I found to be challenging. I did note however, that I was intensely alert to those cursing around me. I wonder what would happen if people actually listened to themselves speak. We have a moment, and only a fleeting one after that first impression, to alter it. After one looks at us, they hear us speak. We usually use our voices to deliver a message to others. That message can be taken as true or false.

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