Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fried Green Tomatoes essays

Fried Green Tomatoes essays For this paper I have chosen to review the film Fried Green Tomatoes. It is a tale of a small old town, its more popular residents, and a murder mystery told in retrospect by the main character Idggy. I was able to identify several social structures within the small town during the movies flashbacks as well as its modern day narrative setting. There were no government officials present, but a sheriff kept order amongst citizens. That same sheriff, however, partied with the same people that he enforced the law upon. It was the typical small town environment where everyone knew each other and was generally friendly towards one another. There was also a bad guy who became important when it was found out that he was abusing his wife and trying to control her and her child. There were also blacks in town that were not treated as fairly as the white people. I saw these structures affect the characters at different times throughout the movie. The black/white issue was present throughout, as we saw them being butlers, doing whites chores, as well as other labor oriented tasks. The bad guy was confronted by nice town folk when it was found out that he abused his wife. As far as t he sheriff, his role came into play when he had to arrest Idggy for the murder of the abusive man. The only time the structures were changed was when a black man, Big George, was accused of the murder. If Idggy hadnt gone on trial, George wouldve had to go on trial. He surely would have been hung, but Iddgy cared for him and took responsibility knowing that she could win and spare his life too. Norms that were portrayed are similar to the situations above. They are also similar to todays small towns in some respects, such as being friendly and knowing everyone. There are some big differences with other norms from todays society though. The race issue is th ...

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