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Defining concept of design thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Defining concept of design thinking - Essay Example Design thinking is usually incorporated often into the innovation process as well as organisation. Design thinking is the art of coming up with creative and practical solutions to on-going or current problems with an aim and hope of a better future result. As such, design thinking can simply be taken to be a type of thinking that is solely focused on finding a solution (solution focussed thinking). Instead of just focusing on how to solve a specific current problem, design thinking majorly aims at finding the best future solution. As such, the concept commences with a goal. By taking into consideration both the future and present conditions and the problem parameters, design thinking makes it possible for alternative solutions to be explored and evaluated simultaneously. Therefore, unlike design thinking, the scientific methods only commence with definitions of the problem parameters on the way of finding a solution to the problem. It does not explore alternatives or possess the futu re dimension in its process. Thus design thinking looks at both ambiguous and known aspects of the problem to figure out the open available alternatives and hidden parameters which will lead to the achievement of the goal. Since the process of design thinking is commonly iterative, there exists a lot of starting points. For example, initial problem redefinition or other intermediate solutions. Design thinking is a multidisciplinary process covering fields such as engineering, law, psychology, marketing and economics among others. For example, in engineering, education is geared towards the creation of engineers who can think and create designs (Pourdehnead,, 2011). However, design thinking is a complex subject and one of the approaches used in teaching engineers design is the project-based learning approach (Dym,, 2005). Engineering design

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