Monday, October 7, 2019

Build a 4g network Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Build a 4g network - Research Paper Example It is expected at the same time to deliver an increase of approximately eighty two percent of high-speed network connectivity, and a 19 percent increment of subscriptions of mobile platform. From the inspiration by Gardner (2009), this technology also aims at minimizing the operational cost of the connection deal that has been won, and to enjoy the fact that there is no barrier in the use of laws, technology and language, political limitations and rules which have to be of major emphasis to the organization. From the earlier studies, it had been revealed that the internet connection can be used to establish more advanced data communications. Empirically, the network is ideal since it can revive the falling position of the company. Considering the cost factors, there are massive plans to invest a lot of funds into the up-and-coming 4G connection and high standard Long Term Evolution (LTE). The advanced TDMA technology will not only be a source of revenue for the USA business, but will also raise a lot of interest in practical areas that can be applied to the construction and implementation of the 4G network as an upgrade from the previous versions, 3G. The installation of this 4G network will focus on popularizing its use in the US. Selection of Equipment for the System The tests of the TDMA network gives data reports on the behaviors of the equipment right from the manufacturers to the requirement of the fourth-generation (4G) measurements, using both the single instrument and integrated instrument system solutions popularly applied in the U.S. It will serve the purpose of satisfying the growing demand for quality services and solutions such as voice, video and data communication. It is clear from the discussion by Browne (2009) that the 3G technologies have not been able to provide the solutions. The technology in this plan is a 4G series of network that uses the Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technique. One of the requirements will be wireless signal anal yzers which are able to support devices of 2G and 3G specifications. This project views both the technical and analytical aspects of the higher standard requirement in the 4G technology, with the aim to increase the connectionless radio frequencies of the signal analyzers designed for use to support this 4G network. The design of these systems together with the corresponding software is planned to be the foundation for the Long Term Evolution 4G wireless connection. Long Term Evolution in this context expects the subsequent telephony Generation to be made up of mobile broadband technology. Data transfer takes place at the rate of 100 MB per second. Devices Required In order to solve the coverage issues that have been identified in the preliminary studies of this project, the fundamental device that will be required is the signal analyzer. Secondly, the 4G network will use Nokia cellular phone handsets versions that can support the GSM, TDMA and CDMA protocols. Using the idea from Le cklider (2009), the connection will require wireless connection channels of at least 30KHzs and speech coding devices. It will also require a modulation device that works with modulation of Differential ? / 4 – QPSK. Other devices include Smart Antennas, which essentially imply antennas stationed in the base connection station and cancelling the interference using digital signal

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