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A Man and His Family in movies Air Force One and Patriot Games :: Air Force Patriot Games Family Essays

A Man and His Family in movies Air Force One and Patriot Games As soon as a man gets married and begins his family, a certain protective instinct takes over. No matter what situation presents itself, a man’s first thought is that of protecting his family from harm. The theme, although a man’s job may be very important, his main concern in life is to protect his family, is shown in both of the movies Air Force One and Patriot Games. In both movies, a man and his family encounter terrorist actions in which the man has to put his family’s lives before his own. The movie Air Force One begins with the President of the United States of America boarding the aircraft, Air Force One with his wife, daughter, and staff. Just after liftoff from Moscow, the plane is attacked and taken over by terrorists, who were smuggled onboard by a member of the president’s staff. As soon as this happened, the secret service put the president into a small pod, which was designed to get the president off of the plane in case of an emergency. As they forced him into the pod, his only concern was for his family. He yelled out â€Å"Where’s my family? What about my family?† (Air Force One). Secretly, the president got out of the pod to stay behind and save his family. The terrorists demanded that one of their former leaders be released from jail. If he was not released, they were going to start killing the presidential staff, including the first family. The president remained hidden and secretly plotted how to get to his family and defeat the terrorists. It finally came down to the president against the terrorists. The terrorists wanted the president to call the prison that their leader was in and have him released. If the president did not want to make the call, he had to choose to kill either his wife or his daughter. In the end, he decided to call the prison and release the terrorist over killing his family. This showed that the only thing that mattered to him was his family. This same theme holds true for the movie Patriot Games. In this movie the main character is CIA agent Jack Ryan who, while on vacation in England, stops terrorists from killing a member of the Royal Family.

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