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The Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

The Internet - Essay Example The World Wide Web is ccessible vi the Internet, s re mny other services including e-mil, file shring, nd others described below. Virtully ll of the services nd products relted to the Internet were originlly defined to stisfy demnds emnting from the cdemic nd reserch world. We re only just entering into the er where the min driving force for new developments is coming from the commercil sector. The originl users of the Internet were drwn from nrrow segment of the populce. They hve recently been joined by the new genertion of users with wider rnge of bckgrounds thn cdemi nd reserch. The club-like nture of the Internet is fst disppering s the ese nd cost of ccess mkes it ccessible to much greter udience. (John, 2001) The two Internet pplictions tht re most likely, in the short term, to hve n impct on the non-IT mnger re e-mil nd the world wide web (WWW). E-mil provides very simple nd effective wy of sending both simple text messges nd computer files (for exmple spredsheets nd word processed documents) to one or number of recipients. The WWW enbles individuls nd orgnistions to provide globl udience with full gmut of multimedi informtion tht cn be ccessed esily. ... The WWW enbles individuls nd orgnistions to provide globl udience with full gmut of multimedi informtion tht cn be ccessed esily. The benefits of ll of these Internet services re vilble t locl telecommunictions chrge rtes. The Internet's potentil to chnge the wy we conduct business is only just beginning to be understood. lredy it is cler tht mngers must orientte their thinking to dpt to the opportunities (nd threts) tht re being creted. 3. Security on the Internet Internet security, or more ccurtely the lck of it, is one of the topics most likely to generte concerned comment from the press. The volume of medi coverge given to computer hckers nd the potentil dmge they cn cuse, tends to be out of proportion to the relity of the sitution. This not to suggest tht the issue of security is not extremely importnt. When breches occur they cn cuse finncil loss nd severe embrrssment. The British Lbour Prty, currently forming the UK government, ws forced to close its WWW site temporrily becuse of mlicious tmpering with the contents. (Hrtmn, ckermnn, 2005) n inventive mind hd chnged both the text nd grphics with the im of cusing severe embrrssment. There hve lso been mny instnces where finncil institutions hve suffered finncil loss due to their security being compromised, lthough losses re very smll when compred to other sources of frud. 4. dvntges of the Internet The Internet hs the potentil to deliver unique set of business benefits over nd bove existing IT technologies. There re number of resons for this: 1. It is simple to use compred to most of the ppliction softwre tht we normlly encounter in the business environment. This ese of use spns the different types of computer nd operting system

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