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Online dating Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Online dating - Research Paper Example The practice of taking someone out for a date is called ‘asking out’ someone and it is usually taken as in invitation to date. With the advent of technology there has been a shift in the dating avenues used. Where communication has become faster and cost-effective, and social networks allow one to search for and interact with people with similar interests, thus, dating too has become virtual. Online Dating refers to an act of getting to know someone through electronic means which can be through the internet or cellphones and it allows people at communicate and get to know people at a long distance (Merkle 187).Free video chatting allows one to not only talk to someone but also see and hear them while talking to them. The only sense that is not present in online dating, as compared to conventional dating, is that of smell and touch. History The evolution of dating dates back to the early 1920s when men and women would interact with each other under supervision of the elde rs or at parlors where it was customary to mingle and socialize with the opposite gender. This was replaced with taking women out for drinks or diners. Later, this socializing moved to activities like spending time at parks, a movie theatre or art galleries etc. giving the couple something to talk about, break the ice and get on with the conversation. This was followed by revolution of dating in terms of increased intimacy in order to gauge suitability. This age is prevalent to this day and courtship or marriage has taken a back seat as far as relationships are concerned. Pen paling was an activity associated with writing to get to know and befriending people who were at a distance. In the digital age, this was replaced by online pen paling or social networking. In consequence, this friendship aspect took a romantic turn and the internet became the new medium to search for potential life partners. Prevalence There is no question about the popularity and gaining momentum of online da ting. In this world of chaos, one has a hard time coming across people who have similar mindsets, interests etc. The internet provides an array of dating sites that feature profiles of people from all backgrounds. This makes it easier to not only search someone of likeness but also narrows down the number of people to a selected few. The availability of other people on online dating sites also signify that they are looking for a partner too, and so they are more open to the idea and easy to approach. Initially, this service was started by, e-harmony and plenty-of-fish. When the practice became acceptable and popular, more joined them and now there is a bandwagon of such sites all over the internet. The most popular ones, apart from the mentioned pioneers, are Yahoo personals, JDate, etc. The popularity of this dating service can be determined from the fact that 37% of the single individuals in the United States visited online Dating Sites (Hitsch 130). Causes of Online Dating The main purpose of indulging in online dating is the urge to get involved in a romantic relationship. People on a pursuit of potential partners use online dating to get to know people who have been filtered according to their interests, gender, physique, religion etc. Virtual dating is not only specific but also faster as compared to conventional dating due to its 24

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